Display Widgets WordPress Plugin

Change your sidebar content with each page. Avoid creating multiple sidebars and duplicating widgets by adding check boxes to each widget in the admin (as long as it is written in WordPress version 2.8 format) which will either show or hide the widgets on every site page. Great for use with Thesis theme, or just to avoid extra coding.

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Update: Please post issues and questions in the support forum


    • Steph says

      It will only work with widgets written in WordPress version 2.8 format. Hopefully plugin developers will start rewriting their widgets in the new format. Sorry for the limitation.

  1. vicsghs says

    You nailed it!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

    (Question: Is there a limit to the number of pages that the plugin can list? I have 50 (fifty) pages with sidebars & widgets.)

    Great job!

    • Steph says

      I’m so glad it’s working well for you now. Right now the page limit is set at 99, but I can increase it if needed.
      Thanks so much for all your help!

  2. says

    Great plug-in, works well, what I’d also really, really love to see, is if the feature could also be extended to categories. It would then be totally aaawesome, to be able to change ads in the sidebar depending on the category being displayed as an example.

  3. Paul says

    Hi Steph, this has been a life saver and allowed me to use the sidebar with links as a sub nav for a site I am putting together for a friend.

    Thanks so much.

  4. says

    @Steph :: A deep bow to you. This is one aspect of WP that I found so confining, and you unconfined it with a simple, elegant solution. A good part of my plugins are simple homegrown html, so no compatibility problems anticipated.

    Thank you! I’m coming up out of my bow now. 😉

    • says

      Thanks for the flattering praise. There are days I wonder why I bother distributing and supporting free plugins (the $0.48 in adds and $75 in donations I’ve received just doesn’t cut it, even though it was all from one person), but you helped today to not be one of those. Thanks!

  5. says


    You plugin looks like exactly what I need (actually I can’t beleive this is not a standard function in WP), but I can’t seem to find the check boxes to exclude. Am I doing something wrong?

    Any help is appreciated. Definately worth 10 bucks if I can get it working.

    • Steph says

      Go to Appearance -> Widgets, and when you expand your widgets to edit them, you will see the additional check boxes on each widget.

  6. says


    I’ve Internationalized this widget because I use it in a Spanish installation. If you want it, I can send you or you can add me like commiter in WordPress plugin page :).

    It’s a simple and useful plugin, congratulations :)


  7. says

    Have been using Display Widgets since year dot and have never had any problems with it… It’s also on my list of “must have” plugins…

    Keep up the great work guys…


  8. says

    I just updated the plug-in and I love it the new option to show or hide the widget if you were logged in or out is great! Just what I needed. Thanks for the Fabulous work.

  9. says

    Hi Steph, Thanks for this, it’s exactly what I needed on our page-intensive site for my partner’s Complementary Healthcare practice.. Donation sent
    (the site will be live from 4 January). Great work!

  10. Candy says

    Unfortunately it does not work with all widgets :-(
    Don’t know if there is a special trick a widget must include to be compatible with, but there are definitely important widgets out there that are left completely unaffected by this plugin :-(

  11. Peter says

    Fantastic Plug-in. in reading the comments and over 50K downloads, Nice. I am trying to use it with WP 3.1.2 Theme: Redline ver 1.6 and Cincopa1.106 (cincopa.com) a Plug-in for displaying media. Though you should know about this. Your plug-in is a great feature. It would be really great if you would consider looking into this further, perhaps there is a solution that could be applied without to much work on your end? In any event congratulations on a great Plug-in. All the best.

  12. Peter says

    OOOOPS— In reading my previous post about your Plug-in, you can sense the enthusiasm in my comments-I forgot to mention the main point. YOUR PLUG-IN DOES NOT WORK with the Redline theme and Cincopa Plug-in. The solution I referred to was to check and see what could be done to make this work with Redline and Cincopa Plug-in. Sorry for the reposting.

  13. says

    Wonderful Plugin!! However, a small problem when it comes to the archive page. It displays my calendar widget archives for all categories without further filtering by categories. I wonder how to fix this. If anyone has the solution, I’d be so grateful for it!!

  14. says

    I love this plug-in but I am having a hard making items show up on a single page. I am not the most code savvy person around so I thought you could point me towards some instructions. I have someone who has asked to have an entry only show up on a single page. Do I Comma use the “Separated list of IDs of posts not listed above” box at the end and enter in the “post=number”? I have copied part of the url here:
    Would I enter 699?
    Thanks for the help

  15. says

    Thanks for such a quick response. If I set it to “Show on Checked” and enter the 699 in the box – nothing shows up. Other than entering in the number, what other variables do I need to select?

  16. says

    Hi Steph,

    I’m a newbie and set up travelbart.com, using Genesis theme Simple Sideabars, but think your Display Widgets might be better and easier over the long run.

    Problem: I’m so damned new, I installed your pluggin, but haven’t the foggiest how to find the panel to use it – and I’ve looked all over.

    What’s the secret this newbie is missing?


  17. says

    Hi, Stephanie: I just updated Display Widgets to version 1.19. It’s great having access to custom taxonomies.

    I noticed that the cursor function wasn’t working on the jQuery toggle function so I looked at the code and saw that “cursor” was spelled “custor”, which was causing the problem.

    Also, any thought to adding a selection by term to DW?

    Thanks for the awesome widget!

  18. Christopher says

    Please ignore what I wrote…seems to be specific to some themes. Also, I have should been more specific, sorry. The check boxes appear when in Widgets, but when you check to hide, they do not hide. Using the opposite, (show on checked) doesn’t work either (i.e., shows on all pages).

    AGain, it works with WP 3.2 (using the default theme).


  19. Kahil says

    It works…but its also broken. It will show or hide for the most part. But when using a plugin that allows you to put pages in categories, showing or hiding based on categories is broken and doesn’t work…so I have to manually show or hide…gets tedious.

    After upgrading to the newest version of WordPress (3.2.1), I get all kinds of extra text boxes in widget box. The text entry boxes will have either a 1 or a 0 in it. Again, this only happened right after I upgraded to 3.2.1.

  20. cjexpat says


    Just implemented Display Widgets for Thesis theme in WP 3.2.1 and it is working great so far. I’m happy to make a donation to help you keep up the development and support of this kind of great product – where do I go? Thanks!

  21. Martin says

    Great plugin – but a question that perhaps you can help with.

    When the logic is hiding a widget – for example showing a promo only on the home page (using ‘Show on checked’ and checking ‘Front page’) – the widget is hidden, but the container markup id displayed – eg:

    I’m using a custom child theme of Thematic.

    I’m wondering if the issue is that the widget areas are being created based on the conditional:


    and adding a widget to an area satifies this, even if your plugin is hiding it.

    The problem this causes is partly styling – the container div still exists – and takes styling – and also validation since the empty is not valid.

    Or am I missing something?

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

  22. Miller says


    After installed the plugin, i go to the ‘Widgets’ menu, but don’t see the option menu.

    Thank you

  23. Paul says

    I have the same issue as the previous post, After installed the plugin, i go to the ‘Widgets’ menu, but don’t see the option menu.
    Is there something I’m missing?


  24. Vincent says


    Excellent plugin—it works wonders! Just a quick question. Can you suggest a plugin that works in conjunction with Display Widget to display the actual page names so I could exclude them from the pages widget. For instance, instead of having to type in all the pages that I do not want to include in the page widget…b/c sometimes I have a lot…I could just click a checkbox or highlight a page name to include or exclude? Sort of like how Display Widget works with the checkbox on pages you want to include it on?

    Thanks in advance!

  25. Chumpocomon says

    Sorry but It isn’t working. I set “Display widgets” with “Twenty Eleven 1.2” (default wordpress theme) in “WordPress 3.2.1” and I couldn’t show “Language Widget” in any page. Any ideas? has anyone the same problem?

  26. says

    Steph, you are awesome! I found your plugin after using Widget Logic for a while. You have managed to make it even simpler to change sidebars.

    I thank you fair lady.

    Warm Regards,
    Steve Light

  27. Erin says

    Thank you for this awesome plugin!

    I am having a problem though, I am not seeing any of my widgets appear in my custom post types. I am seeing my custom post types as checkboxes in the widget options though.

    Any ideas?

  28. Steph says

    Thanks. It should be back now. They told me after I asked it was removed because it included an affiliate link on that page. Sure would be nice if there was someplace where they listed the requirements and restrictions or at least give you a warning since these requirements appear to be undocumented. I’ve gotten plenty of emails this morning because of it. Awesome.

  29. Eric says

    I’am new to WordPress (I normaly use Joomla) and the first Plug-in I installed was yours. Perfect ! Just what I was looking for and seems to works fine. Thanks for the Plug-in.

  30. Adam says

    I love this widget. It works perfectly, however, some widgets don’t show the ‘display widget’ options. Is there anyway around this?

  31. says

    Hi, I am having a strange problem. I have two sites both using suffusion Theme, on one site the plugin works great on the other it does not change the widget page and the appearance is the same as the standard WP widgets page. When I installed it said it had installed correctly. Am I doing something stupid?

  32. liz says

    brilliant plug-in i’m loving it – apart from it not displaying anything on my home page. Strange…If i disable the plug-in everything displays as expected in my home page side bar. Any ideas? I’m just using the twenty 11 theme.

    thanks for any prompts :-)

  33. Matt says

    Display Widgets not working with Headway base theme and WP 3.3.

    Widgets show on home page but no other pages, even though ‘show on checked’ is selected and the checked items are ‘front page, blog page, archive page, single post’.

    Any one else experienced this, or know of a solution?

  34. Ricardo says

    I am using Display Widget with no problems so far. This widget is great. I am wondering, however, if there is a way to extend the page content to the full page width when the widgets are not displayed. I am currently displaying a widget on my home pager only, on the primary area, but on the other pages where the widget is not displayed, I have a large margin area. Thanks.

  35. says

    Hi there- love your plugin but, like some other posters, I find it does not work with all widgets – the options just don’t show up – any suggestions on how to make it work for all widgets?


  36. says

    Hi! I think I’m also getting the same problem with some users here. I got the plugin installed and it seemed not to work with my current theme (News Leak). I installed the same plugin in a separate blog using a theme based on PageLines framework so I believe this has something to do with the theme. Do you have any suggestion how to fix this without having to replace the theme? I appreciate it a lot. Thanks!


  37. liz says

    still loving the plug in – still not sorted the home page out but i’m not too bothered about that.

    One small wish….I’ve got a couple of pages where i’ve added a sub menu in the side bar, with a separate text widget immediately above along the lines of ‘select from menu below’. Works great but – there is a lot of space between the two and i’d like to reduce it down. Anyone have any ideas?



  38. says

    I installed the plugin always worked fine until I got now over 5000 wordpress pages.. and only the pages starting with the “A” are showed to check for hiding or showing.

  39. says

    I’ve using it for about 2 months and it’s great. I have one issue. There is one widget, About me, that I only want to show on one page but for that one widget, it does not give you the checkbox option. Ironically, this was the reason I used Display widgets. Any suggestions?

  40. Matt says

    Hey Steph,

    Loving this plugin!

    I have run into a unique way to use this plugin and was wondering if you had any advice.

    Basically, I have a WordPress page template that will loop through every child page and display the title, content and sidebars. So the sidebar gets called inside a custom WordPress loop as it loops each child page.

    Here’s my code so far which will work but shows the parent page sidebar instance each time if gets called in the loop.

    $currentpageid = $post->ID;
    $args = array(
    ‘post_parent’ => $currentpageid,
    ‘post_type’ => ‘page’

    // The Query
    $the_query = new WP_Query( $args );

    // The Loop
    while ( $the_query->have_posts() ) : $the_query->the_post();




    I was thinking I might write a function that would accept a post/page ID and return the widgets for that page.

    Not sure if this is clear but if you have any questions, ideas or suggestions you can reply or email me at beaudrymatt@gmail.com

    Thanks so much and great work on this plugin!

  41. TJ says

    WPML support in the latest version (1.22) of this plugin is not implemented correctly. For example, if I select ‘Front Page’ option and one of the added WPML languages, and the check box is set to “show only on following pages” then only ‘language’ option is activated but other set check box (‘Front Page’) is ignored. The result is that the content of the widget is not only shown on Front Page but also on all other pages that are associated with the the selected language. I think you should check against ‘and and’, not against ‘and or’ which I think is the case now.

    Thus (e.g.):
    ‘Front Page’ + ‘Spanish’ = Content is shown only on Front Page and when Spanish language is selected.

    Is it possible to make this work any time soon in an updated version of a widget. Thanks!

  42. Alex says

    I have noticed the same problem as TJ and since I’m using WPML it has rendered the widget useless. You have to select one of the languages and when you do, it shows the widget on every page for that language.
    I’ve had to revert to the previous plugin release to get this working.

    I just want to also add that this is the first time I’ve had a problem with this widget and it has come in very handy with my wordpress projects.

  43. Justin says

    How can I provide a check in my template if the widgets are displaying/are existing on a particular page. When I use is_dynamic_widget. I’m always getting a value of 1 whether the widgets are on or off. is_active_sidebar() just doesn’t seem to work at all.

    Any suggestion?

  44. says

    this widget slows my genesis/lexicon widget page down to a crawl – as in taking 60-120 seconds to open a drop down menu in the primary sidebar. terrible!

    deactivate the widget – everything works fine.

  45. tImOthY says

    So, I’m using this plugin on a site I am building for a client. LOVE it BTW – it has really helped me out. However, recently it has stopped allowing me to add widgets to the home page. I mean I can add them to the sidebar, but they don’t appear unless I choose a sub-page. All the older widgets set to “home” work just fine, but can’t add any new ones. I would be VERY grateful for some help on this. Thanks

  46. says

    Thanks so much for this plugin!! I’ve been looking for something like this for ages and had pretty much decided to give up looking and write my own.

    One thing I found is that the display-widget.php code needed to be altered in order for my widgets to display on the homepage when the ‘Front page’ checkbox was ticked. Here’s what I changed:

    if (is_home()){
    //$show = isset($instance[‘page-home’]) ? ($instance[‘page-home’]) : false;
    $show = isset($instance[‘page-front’]) ? ($instance[‘page-front’]) : false;

  47. Johnny says


    I wrote my own wordpress plugin that uses a widget to display my data. But my plugin does not show options to hide or show on certain pages.

    Do you you what my plugin might be missing?

    Thank you

  48. says

    I translated this plugin to Polish.
    I have files with Polish translation for you here: artvision1.pl/extras/Display widget_pl.zip
    Really cool plugin, thanks

  49. Roberto says

    Hi, Hola

    I got aprox. 1 year using the Display Widgets plugin, works fine until bought and installed the WordPress Multilingual Language plugin (the widgets disappear from the sidebar when the WPML is active)… : WPML have some incompatibility problems with other plugins like Display Widgets, so I was in contact with WPML developers, they offer an option to solve the incompatibilities, but, they only work with the developers plugins (not with users)… so, I’m here…. i’m very interesting to use both plugins, is any option to contact WPML developers to solve the problem??????

    In the next URL is the conversation I got with WPML support:

    thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. says


    login and registration page was not in list of pages while selecting widget to show on which page. I updated your file to add those two pages. Let me know how to send you updated file


  51. mobcer says

    The concept is awesome and very useful , but unfortunately it show all pages not the pages that i selected . Or hide all pages .

  52. Erik says

    Hi Steph,

    I am using your plugin for a long time now and until now it worked perfect in all situations.
    My latest project I run into this issue when using the latest version of WordPress, the WPML plugin and Display widgets. When I select the pages where the widgets should be displayed on or the pages where not to display the widgets nothing happens. When selecting view on all except, the widgets is displayed on all pages, and when the display on none except, the widgets is never to be found but a few versions of WP/WPML/DW everything was still working. What to do? :(

    I contacted the WPML support crew at the same time as this reply so I hope we can work things out becouse your plugin in combination with WPML is GOLD!

  53. says

    Tolles plugin. Hatte zuerst andere ausprobiert, aber dieses hier ĂŒberzeugt mich sofort nach der Installation.
    Schön, dass man alles von einem Ort aus einstellen kann und nicht auf jeder Seite einzeln einstellen muss!
    Gute Arbeit, danke!

  54. says

    Great plugin but one problem on inner pages: I have a widget that should be displayed only on single page and only when post is from one of my categories. When I check to show it only on “single” and only on this category, it is additionally displayed also on category page (not good for me) even if “show on archive” is not checked.

    Also when I check everywhere “hide” (also on archive pages) and not check “hide” only on single and this category – the same problem – it is still additionally displayed on category page.

    How can I fix this?

  55. SME says

    I too am using your plugin and love it. However, am now running WPML Multilingual CMS also. Same problems as discussed above. Everything appears as normal with display widgets, but the boxes you check are ignored unless you choose a specific language, and then it seems to be all or nothing (widget will be removed or hidden for all pages). Selecting front page or blog page alone does not work. Please help!

  56. Astrid Drolson says

    Aloha, been using it for couple sites and always worked, now I help out with a other WP project and installed it and it does not work in that theme, it just would not hide anything. The theme is http://www.inkthemes.com/colorway-theme-previews/ Colorway theme. I think is the Theme…

    I tried Widget Coolerontroller as alternative, but that just went totally haywire… Maybe there i a hack or hook so it does no get over written somewhere…

  57. DWJ says

    There is an issue when using Display Widgets and Roboform on Firefox. The widgets page freezes and you can’t access the widgets. Disabling either the Roboform addon on the Display Widgets plugin solves the problem. I’m continuing to use but I have to disable Roboform before doing any work on widgets.

  58. ivan says

    Thanks for the plugin, good work!

    Just wondering whether you are planning to update it so that it’s compatible with newer versions of wordpress?

    Many thanks.

  59. Falon says

    Just installed the plugin. Where do I find the widgets to use on different pages? BTW.. I am new to wordpresss! Thanks in advance:)

  60. says

    I am back to using your plug-in. It is so easy. I was using Widget Logic but it is not working with the WP update.

    @Falon. You use the regular widgets, there’s not a special one, and toward the bottom of the widget you just put a check mark in the appropriate box for where you do not want the widget to show.

  61. David says


    I have used your plugin now and I think there is a languege bug when I mark show on checked it hide it and when I mark hide on checked i show it.

    Hav you any solution on this???

  62. Diane says

    I love that this allows you to use categories to display widgets – can use this the same way with tags? I can’t seem to figure it out. Would love that functionality.

  63. says

    Hi Steph,

    Great plugin! I have one small problem – I ticked a page to show the widget on and then tried to deselect it but when I click save the page is selected again…

    Can you help?


  64. Sheldon says

    I also had the issue that when I ticked a page to show the widget on and then tried to deselect it but when I click save the page is selected again.
    Your display-widgets.1.24beta.zip fixed it. Thank you, Sheldon

  65. Travis says

    I love the widget but I have one issue that I’m looking for help with. When a post is assigned to two categories and each category is assigned a different widget (using your plugin) anyone viewing the post is served the widget from both categories. Any possible solution to this? Thanks!

  66. says

    Hi there!
    We’re using this plugin on a couple of our blogs.
    Works great in general. However, something you should know is that on a widget that hides the submit button with the “widget-control-noform” class around the buttons on the control panel (the MailChimp widget is an example of this), there is no way to save the setting without altering the DOM manually (to show that hidden save button). You should fix this if you can.


  67. Candice says

    I have left a message on a different forum, but would like the plug in to work on wordpress themes that use ‘home’ as well as ‘frontpage’ – my widgets will not appear on my homepage

  68. says

    Are there any basic instructions on how this widget actually works? It’s title on the widget page is “Custom Menu”. Where do I move it to access its functionality?

  69. says

    Dear Steph,
    I am making a WordPress blank theme cum theme framework, I want to include you plugin to my core file (your copyright will remain in your files).
    Hope you’ll give me permission.
    waiting for your replay.

  70. Gerard says

    Using this for a long time and love it. In particular the “show for logged-in users only”…. Along the same lines, is there a way to limit widgets based on user role (ie, editor, author, or by userID)… i tried adding the user id into the field at the bottom “Comma Separated list of IDs of posts not listed above:”, but this didn’t work.


  71. says

    Thank you, thank you I’ve been looking for a display plugin since I started using wordpress for my websites! This is an awsome plugin I tell you what.

    I’m sure you plan to sell “Display Widgets” someday, your off to a good start and thanks again.


  72. says

    Seemed a bit too good to be true and sadly it was in my case. Main problem is that RSS feed widgets won’t display in any page/sidebar with this plugin activated. Have tried all options, uninstalling and reinstalling plugin, and rebuilding entire template. Has anyone had this problem with Feed widgets?

    Also, won’t integrate with “Upcoming Events” widget (associated with Kieran O’Shea’s “Calendar” widget) so no option to hide or display.

  73. Cameron says

    Using this on a client site. For some reason, we’re suddenly stuck with a limit of 978 to show/hide. Checked the plugin code and numberposts is set to -1. Thoughts?

  74. Drum says


    I don’t want to this plugin to be applied on certain sidebars.
    Is it possible to hide it for those sidebars?

  75. says


    This plugin is very good, but lacks one capability I need – to restrict a widget to logged in *admin* users (i.e. those who pass current_user_can(‘manage_options’)). It’d be very useful if you could add that.

    Best wishes,

  76. Shawn says

    Nice plugin – very useful – but it needs some performance improvements.

    1) Use WP_Query with a limited ‘field’ return of only the id, url, and title instead of get_posts on 288 of display-widgets.php. The performance difference for sites with a large number of pages is *huge*. Since you’re not using the rest of the data that get_posts returns anyway, there’s just no reason for it.

    2) Consider adding a dedicated configuration page so users can assign selection groups. That is, I want widget’s A, B, C and D to appear on these 3 categories and on these 5 pages. I want widgets E, F, G and H to appear on 5 different categories, the home page and 2 other page. Currently I have to go through and manually set these options across all 8 widgets individually, even though I really only have two display profiles.

    3) Use an external script with a cache-breaker of the last updated time of the most recent saved content to store a dynamic array of the various pages, taxonomies and so on so that it doesn’t have to be iterated through on each *widget*. Use a js array attached to each widget to represent it’s state and then attach the fields to the form dynamically on the client when loaded. The performance gains here would be absolutely astounding.

    This would require a pretty significant rewrite, but the difference in performance for a site with 20 widgets would be a factor of 95%+ – not counting the bandwidth improvements since it wouldn’t *push* so much data with every ‘widgets’ page load. My site has three custom taxonomies, 200 categories, and about 100 pages so the way it’s currently written it adds an *extra* 50kb+ for *each* widget in the page load, even if I’m only editing one widget. Since I’ve got about 50 widgets on this site, the widgets page (not counting external resources) is almost 5mb. That’s pretty much unusable.

    Again – very impressed with the plugin. On small sites it’s fantastic. Thank you!

  77. says

    Well, I’ll be hornswoggled! It works. It actually works.

    I am working on one of those “freebies”, a non-profit site, and have gone through a whole bunch of fancy plugins with obtuse documentation that didn’t work. I was beginning to regret having agreed to contribute my time, but …

    This one works!!

    Thank you!


  78. Steve says

    Have tried various dynamic/conditional widget plugins, yours is the best balance of intuitive v flexibile, great work! Only one thing is stopping me using it though…I allocate Pages to Categories (using “Post Tags & Categories to Pages” plugin – it makes sidebar menus of “permanent” content easy to dynamically generate using Display Posts shortcode in text widget). Whilst Display Widgets has facility to to show/hide according to category, this only seems to work with Posts, not Pages.

    “Dynamic Widgets” plugin works correctly in this regard, but it’s UI is less amenable, would rather use yours :)

  79. Asaf says


    I’ve been using this plugin for a while now, and today I noticed that widgets are shown no matter what, and the ability to choose on which pages to show widget has disappeared.
    On my client’s site, I can choose on which pages to show, but I can’t see any widget on the site.

  80. says


    Use it also for a long time now. But discovered today that it give problems that widgets aren’t shown anymore. And then I mean all where I use this plugin for. Last week I dind’t had this problem. Was there may be a new update which causes this problem? I have the problem in all webbrowsers IE, Firefox and Chrome. Website is http://www.4s4s.nl.

  81. Tom says

    Same issue with me. It seems to reset all “Display On Checked” settings to “Hide on Checked.” This is an updater issue and can be a real head ache if you have a lot of widgets managed by this plugin.

  82. says

    We updated this plugin today from version 1.24 to 2.03. After the update, all of the widgets that had “Show on checked” were changed to “Hide on checked”. We were able to successfully change the configuration manually. I hope this doesn’t happen again. :)

  83. says

    And just so you’re not surprised by it, this isn’t happening consistently. I had one site that wasn’t impacted at all, another that was only partially impacted, and another where every instance of “Show on Checked” was changed to “Hide on Checked”.

  84. says

    Ever since the update my box has disappeared where I can choose whether to hide or show under each widget. Everything remained the same on my pages but now I can not change anything because the box is gone.

  85. says

    I also had problems with some widgets not showing on my page.

    THE SOLUTION was to update this plugin as well as my WordPress blog to latest version. Works now!

    Tnx for providing us with this widget, best

  86. kribnotes says

    Anyone have a situation where changes to pages aren’t showing up? I’ve added new pages and they aren’t there. I deleted a page I know was in the list and it’s still in the list. I upgraded to 2.03, but the version I was in before seemed to be doing it, too (1.23). I’m on WP 3.6 right now

  87. says

    Display Widgets is GREAT and is allowing me to easily create sidebars with appropriate information. THANKS!
    I would like to have the ‘site search’ include the information in the widgets. As far as I can tell there is no way a user can do a site search for that information. I in my opinion this really limits the usefulness of widgets.

    Can anyone suggest a solution for me?

  88. says

    Hi, I just installed this Widget, but my sidebars are not giving me the option of checkboxes on my pages. I do have WP higher than 2.8. Any suggestions?

  89. says

    Hi Dear, I have just installed this Widget, but my sidebars are not giving me the option or checkboxes on my pages or in the dashboard. I do have WP higher than 3.8. Any suggestions, plz?

  90. says

    I’m confused. I downloaded the plugin and it says it is activated but I don’t seen any checkboxes on any of my widgets, even a basic text widget. Where in the WP menu is it supposed to show up? I’m running Lifestyle Child Theme (parentis Genesis) WP version 3.8.1

  91. Rich says

    Hi there,
    Great plugin.

    Just a question – Is there a way to make a selection of widgets always show up on a category or tag archive page? At the moment every time I create a new category I have to remember to also add the widgets to that category with the plugin.

    Many thanks

  92. Helen says

    Just downloaded plugin and it doesn’t work. I’m using WP 3.8.1. Can you offer any explanation? Thanks. Helen

  93. stephen says

    hi i have been using this amazing plugin for some time now but i have just purchased cometchat for my wordpress website and when i install cometchat and have this plugin active it causes a brief white flicker between page loads, when i deactivate your plugin the problem is gone, could you check this issue out? thx

  94. says


    Thanks for creating this wonderful plugin, it really works great, i have a suggestion.

    If you add this facility in menus too, it will be wonderful.

    that is, instead of widgets only, it should work for menus also. then each menus can be assigned to specific pages.

    Once more thanks for creating this wonderful plugin.

  95. says

    Hello, after the update to wp 3.9.2 this plugin doesn’t works for frontpage/homepage. If I set to show a widget only in frontpage, it also appears on the following pages.

  96. says

    My build is pretty complex, I’ve 100 plugins to my system an so I had to do a lot of testing, and found a lot of solutions that did not work. Yours was option number 25 in the list and it works extremely well, it is simple and easy to impliment. Thanks guys!

  97. Ssagar says

    it will be great if the extension has option to display and hide a particular widget if user is logged in …:) , can any one help how to do this thanks in advance…:)

  98. Murtaza says

    Does this support woocommerce categories?
    In my woocommerce site, I want to show different widget on different product category page. So I was thinking if you can add woocommerce product categories in this?

  99. Jeff says


    Your plugin in great. Thanks so much. But I’m having trouble making it work with another one, and I’m not sure who to talk to first. I’m using bbpress to add a forum on my site, and there are certain widgets I want dis/enabled when on the forum pages. The url for the page seems to show there’s something called a “post_type” which is set to “forum” (www.blahbah.com/?post_type=forum) but it’s not listed in the custom post types when I want to set visibility for a widget. Are there different kinds of “post types” and/or is this a matter of bbpress not “announcing itself” properly to the rest of wordpress and other plugins like yours.



  100. says


    I have updated this plugin to the latest version but when I produce a new page they are no longer showing in the options under each widget (the rest of the pages are still showing).

    I am using WP 3.5.1 and have 541 pages with 523 published.

    Any help would be great as it is a brilliant plugin.


  101. says


    Awesome plugin, use it all the time. I had a quick question about the possibility of adding support for individual posts or custom post type posts? Thanks!

  102. says

    Excellent widget! One question: is there any way to remove the link-feature, so that the ad/image cannot be clicked on? If I just want to show a quick message, and don’t have a page with more info.

  103. says

    Could you add some facility to allow plugins to have a label?
    We have over 40 widgets on our site
    They are all arbitrary text / HTML widget with no titles
    In wordpress admin they list one above another so you often find yourself clicking them all open to find the correct one
    Could you help with this?

        • Steph Wells says

          Thanks so much! I use it on all my sites as well, and it just keeps working so I haven’t put time into it.

          • bobbi wisby says

            Oh so glad I scrolled to the end of this page! I thought this was gone and it is such a wonderful plugin I was getting a bit frantic as to what else to use when I noticed it was gone from the repository!
            sigh of relief.

      • James says

        I have a dev site I could install the latest version. Is there anything I should look for or is it just general testing to make sure it’s operating as it should?

        • Steph Wells says

          Just general testing. There have been a lot of changes since 2.3 that have been waiting for testing for a while, but I just haven’t gotten to it. Thank you!

          • James says

            Hopefully I’m not missing anything. Multi-site install (subdirectory), network activated, Genesis theme with custom child themes. There’s 17 network active plugins and about 10 active on a per site basis.

            I replaced the existing Display Widgets with the latest github master and all instances retained their original settings and operated as expected on all dev sites.
            I changed settings on various widgets in different sites and the response was as expected.
            One site was also running Widget CSS Classes plugin and no conflict.
            All other plugins continue as they were.

            I like how you’ve done sub-pages in the selection text box. Easier to identify – for me anyways :-)

            Nice work.

      • Romaine says

        STEPH!! what’s happened to your plugin!? It’s like one of my go-to plugins. I literally dont know what to do lol. Is it no longer available? i cant see it when i search for it anywhere. If it’s not coming back for download, do you know any plugins that do the same thing??

  104. says

    Hi I used your plugin on my most of the site its working fine and well.but today i am searching for the plugins files but could not find it.can you please help me from where i can download this plugin.


  105. theresa jennings says

    Why has the plugin been pulled from the repo? I use this on every one of my sites. Will it be coming back?

  106. Michelle says

    Hi Steph!

    I am creating a website with three columns. Let us just call them by “left”, “middle”, and “right”. They are all appearing on the front page. But I want only the “left” and the “middle” to appear to the rest of the pages. But the thing is, the “right” seems just there hidden but it’s still occupying space. Would you help me with this?

    Thank you so much for your helpful plugin.


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  2. […] Almost since I started using WordPress I found and installed what I think is a very handy plugin, which I now use on all my sites, called Display Widgets. What this plugin does is provide you with very simple drop downs and check boxes for you to select what page(s) you would like to display or not display your widgets on. This is a great plugin indeed and it has worked so well for me. (More on this plugin here.) […]

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  4. […] Almost since I started using WordPress I found and installed what I think is a very handy plugin, which I now use on all my sites, called Display Widgets. What this plugin does is provide you with very simple drop downs and check boxes for you to select what page(s) you would like to display or not display your widgets on. This is a great plugin indeed and it has worked so well for me. (More on this plugin here.) […]

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