The search for a membership plugin: Complete!

We have been working on launching another premium plugin over the last year, but have been held up by one fundamental issue: finding a membership plugin to manage it. Our requirements seemed simple enough, that just about any WordPress plugin should be able to manage it. We need the option to use coupon codes, affiliate […]

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Video and the web–a few tips to get you there

If you have developed a website in the past few years, chances are you have come across the need to embed video. And chances are it has been a nightmare to get decent quality video that is compatible on the myriad of today’s browsers and mobile devices. Huge file sizes, video quality, content protection and […]

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Website Analytics now on Steroids

After spending hours trying to get Google analytics to track a user from first visit to sale, and not ending up with much to show for it other than frustration, we (a co-worker and I) ventured out in search of another solution. I almost signed up for Woopra, but I heard it often slows down […]

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Official Formidable Pro Release!

Formidable Pro is now available for download. There are lots of great new features with tons more to come. Thanks for your input and support! Get it now!

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Formidable Pro Nears Release

Looks like I’m blowing my own horn here, but I think Formidable is now one of the best free forms plugins available. I think others would agree, when I say it’ll beat out Contact Form 7 as soon as the HTML is customizable. But for many who don’t know HTML, Contact Form 7 may be […]

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Page Manage Widget

The infamous MaxBlogPress plugins are being removed from the WordPress repository. In order to activate these plugins, users were required to submit their email address for daily spamming. I have rewritten one such plugin. It is still listed in the repository, but if you would like access to this plugin without the required opt-in, and […]