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Contact Form 7 Widget WordPress Plugin

UPDATE: You can now use the Contact Form 7 shortcodes in text widgets. This plugin is no longer needed. If you’re looking for an easier alternative to Contact Form 7, try Formidable. If you’re using this widget for the styling, please note you can also use the Formidable shortcode in place of the Contact Form 7 shortcode.

The Contact Form 7 Widget plugin includes many widget options and must be used alongside either Formidable or Contact Form 7 plugin. We only support the widget plugin and Formidable, but not Contact Form 7. For help and support for the Contact Form 7 plugin, click here.


  1. Download Formidable or Contact Form 7 plugin.
  2. Download the Contact Form 7 Widget plugin.
  3. Activate both plugins.
  4. A new menu is now beneath the regular menu items. Copy the form shortcode at the top of the page ie [ formidable id=2] or [contact-form 1 “Contact form 1”]
  5. Go to “Widgets” in the “Appearance” menu.
  6. Find “Contact Form 7 Widget” and drag it to your sidebar.
  7. Update the settings and paste the right shortcode in the “Contact Form 7 Tag” line.

note: rounded corners do not work in Internet Explorer… Surprise!

another note: Use 6 digit hex colors for better results

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