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Contact Form 7 Widget WordPress Plugin

UPDATE: You can now use the Contact Form 7 shortcodes in text widgets. This plugin is no longer needed. If you’re looking for an easier alternative to Contact Form 7, try Formidable. If you’re using this widget for the styling, please note you can also use the Formidable shortcode in place of the Contact Form 7 shortcode.

The Contact Form 7 Widget plugin includes many widget options and must be used alongside either Formidable or Contact Form 7 plugin. We only support the widget plugin and Formidable, but not Contact Form 7. For help and support for the Contact Form 7 plugin, click here.


  1. Download Formidable or Contact Form 7 plugin.
  2. Download the Contact Form 7 Widget plugin.
  3. Activate both plugins.
  4. A new menu is now beneath the regular menu items. Copy the form shortcode at the top of the page ie [ formidable id=2] or [contact-form 1 “Contact form 1”]
  5. Go to “Widgets” in the “Appearance” menu.
  6. Find “Contact Form 7 Widget” and drag it to your sidebar.
  7. Update the settings and paste the right shortcode in the “Contact Form 7 Tag” line.

note: rounded corners do not work in Internet Explorer… Surprise!

another note: Use 6 digit hex colors for better results

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36 replies on “Contact Form 7 Widget WordPress Plugin”

Hi, I tried to install this plugin and works perfectly fine. just one question though, I have customized it and added my own header(image file) and when I left the “title” blank and saved it, the word “contact us” still appears as the title. Hope you can help where i can remove this?

THanks in advance.

You can change line 7 to
$title = apply_filters(‘widget_title’, empty($instance[‘title’]) ? ” : $instance[‘title’]);

(Just remove the phrase ‘Contact us’)

Hi Steph,

Where did all you ‘bright’ people come from? I am on such a steep learning curve and am eternally grateful to people like you who have been there before me and can help. Thank you for your widget that helps one to put the Contact Form 7 into the sidebar.

Kind regards,

Great widget! Just looking to find out how to reduce/get rid of spam comments or have some sort of captcha mechanism to control for people submitting comments to us. Thank you!


Does anyone know how to give the text fields a fixed width? The reason i ask is because u contact form widget it bigger than my sidebar and i would like to make it fit. where would i change this?


Hi, How do I colour it!

#cc3333; does not work

red does not work

#cc3333 does not work

cc3333 does not work

im wondering – is it my template over-riding or what?

a few instructions wouldn’t go amiss

I can not get the form to change colors and like Stuart above I have tried all combos. Also With Dan Allen – if you have an answer for changing the text box widths that would be great! Had to increase my sidebar width for a temporary fix.

Yes these guys are right, The BG color for buttons doesn’t work, + the width of the form goes over the width of the side bar, somebody figured it out?

I fixed it by following ….

File Name: contact-form-7-widget/contact-form-7-widget.php

This Line:

$widget_id = ‘widget-‘ . $this->id_base . ‘-‘ . $this->number;

Change To:

$widget_id = $this->id_base . ‘-‘ . $this->number;

Worked 🙂

I’m currently using the contact form 7 widget plugin on all my site pages and would now like to start tracking goals in G analytics by measuring traffic to thank you pages from these filled in contact pages- is there a best practice to set this up?

The “Thank You” prompt is not working on the widget in my footer. The “Error” prompts are working just fine, however. Both prompts are working for the contact form that is in a normal page and not included in the sidebar_footer, which leads me to believe it’s an issue with the widget. If you could help me sort this out I would appreciate it!

Hi Steph,..
its really excellent nd great work done by you….
i faced a problem that as i installed it in my theme all its text boxes disappeared…plz help…
thanks alot for your wonderful plugin…

I downloaded the plug-in and installed it, added it to my tool bar, pasted in my contact 7 form and it displays A form (the default form, I believe) but not MY form.

Same shortcode works fine on a regular page.

Any ideas?

This is a test site. My form is too wide and I am not getting any colors displayed correctly, the styling isn’t working – any ideas on fixing this would be so greatly appreciated!

Hi, great plugin! Is there any way to track when a user submits an enquiry other than the email receipt itself ..such as Analytics? I’m trying to analyze user click through’s. Thanks.

sir .. i using cf7 form plugin .. and a widgit contact form 7 widgit .The form shown in sidebar correctly but when i add a color in contact form7 widgit area then it did not work for me ?
Please suggest me …


We’re trying to use this contact form in conjunction with an auto-reply on our email server. Problem is, it sees the return-path as coming from the website.

Is there any way to populate the return-path for our server with the “Email” field in the form (it seems to populate the “From” line in emails ok)?

I just installed this and I tried to get it to go live it is showing properly in the back end but not in the front end? Please help, thank you.

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