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Official Formidable Pro Release!

Formidable Pro is now available for download. There are lots of great new features with tons more to come. Thanks for your input and support! Get it now!

10 thoughts on “Official Formidable Pro Release!

  1. This is amazing! I love being able to style my forms without having to dig down into my CSS. Creating forms is quick and simple with the drag and drop feature. Great job on a great plugin!

  2. Hello, I have just purchased Formidable Pro but when I insert forms into posts it automatically puts a border around the form as a whole. I think this may have something to do with the tag but I am unsure as my knowledge of HTML is only quite basic.

    I have looked on the settings tab in WP Admin panel and there doesn’t seem to be a setting to control if the border is visible but as much as I try I cannot remove it.

    I really hope you can help because I really like this software!

    1. Just check the box to use the Formidable stylesheet under “Advanced Form Options”.

  3. Hi Stephanie

    I use Formidable Pro and really like it. My question is that we have folks submit a volunteer information form that requires them to enter their SSN. As a church we have to run background checks before a person can work with kids. Understandably, many are uncomfortable entering their SSN on a form that is not secure, i.e http and not https.

    What process do you recommend for enabling a Formidable Pro form to be secure?



    1. Please look into buying and adding a SSL certificate to your site. This requires server-side changes, and there isn’t anything that can be done within your code. Sorry.

  4. Is it easy for a non programmer type like me to have Formidable Pro gather email addresses and other survey information, and then pass some of the info (name and email) into my MailChimp autoresponder system?

    I’m loving the beautiful and simple forms…


  5. Steph,
    The Formidable Pro plugin is amazing. Thanks for creating such a great resource. I am new to plugin development. I’ve been digging into the code of many of the plugins I’ve been using to learn the tricks. And, I definitely think from user interface to the way the code is structured on the back end, you’ve done an excellent job. Thanks.

  6. Hi, love the plugin, any plans on the auto reply to be able to attach files?? i.e if someone applies to join our intake they get back word docs with all the info?



  7. @Shaun, this will be added sometime, but there haven’t been many requests. In the meantime, you can add a little custom code.

  8. Hello Guys,
    Your Formidable Pro plugin is the best one I’ve try. And I have spend a lot of money with the
    – Gravity Form Pro
    – Formberry Pro
    – Visual Form Builder Pro
    – Formidable Pro
    And your Formidable is simple the best !!!!
    Congratulations and Thank you

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