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Page Manage Widget

The infamous MaxBlogPress plugins are being removed from the WordPress repository. In order to activate these plugins, users were required to submit their email address for daily spamming.

I have rewritten one such plugin. It is still listed in the repository, but if you would like access to this plugin without the required opt-in, and written in the updated WordPress 2.8 format to make it compatible with my Display Widgets plugin. You can download here.

This is a full featured multiple instance supported page manage widget with configurable options to control parameters like sort options, exclude pages, depth etc features in your sidebar.


  • Multiple instance of the widget can be created
  • Easy to use widget control panel
  • Multiple pages parameter configuring options

4 thoughts on “Page Manage Widget

  1. Wow, you really gutted that puppy, Steph! Nice and clean. And that annoying registration thing is gone.

    Well worth $10!


  2. “… gutted that puppy …” ??

    I have not heard that one. Let’s hope it was painless.

    1. Actually, I was wrong.

      She completely re-wrote it!

      And it works like a charm!


    2. HaHa! Yes, the puppy is dead. That plugin was kinda a mess. Who requires registration before you can use a widget? I’m a little OCD sometimes when it comes to cutting down dumb code. It went from about 800 lines to barely over 100. Yeah, I’m a dork.

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