About Us

Steve and Stephanie are a unique husband and wife development team who bring a diverse set of qualifications and expertise to the table. Their respective areas of expertise combined with their collaborative efforts result in top-notch products that are both powerful and user friendly.

Stephanie is a Software Architect and the genius programer who engineers all our back-end functionality to make state-of-the-art web applications do just about anything. She specializes in PHP, WordPress, Javascript and Ruby on Rails.

Stephanie started mastering web development when she became a mother 4 years ago. Being stuck at home with a new-born daughter. She had to learn something new–something she could work on around the erratic schedule of a baby. She immediately started contract work for companies like Franklin Covey and BookWise, working on major projects. She has produced several open source products and continues to support many of them today. The main project Steph spends her time on today is Formidable Forms — an amazing form creation and content management plugin for WordPress.

Steve is a graphic designer and front-end web developer. His expertise in both design and development translates to a design that looks great both in Photoshop and on the web–a feat many designers struggle with. Steve focuses much of his time on the user experience and his designs and code reflect this emphasis. His designs are clean, contemporary and user friendly.

Steve started his career in services management and quality assurance. He uses this experience to create web services that focus on improving the customer experience which increases conversions and customer retention.