Strategy11 Acquires WP Tasty and Nutrifox

Strategy11 Acquires WP Tasty Products and Nutrifox Nutrition Label Generator, Expanding Its Culinary Arsenal and Empowering Food Bloggers Worldwide

Strategy11, a trailblazing provider of WordPress solutions, is excited to announce the acquisition of WP Tasty products: Tasty Recipes, Tasty Pins, Tasty Links, and Tasty Roundups, along with the Nutrifox nutrition label generator. These powerful additions to Strategy11’s product lineup were acquired from Tinybit LLC, the visionary creators of acclaimed platforms Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro.

The acquisition of WP Tasty products and Nutrifox represents a significant milestone for Strategy11, underscoring its commitment to empowering food bloggers, culinary enthusiasts, and content creators worldwide. With these highly regarded tools in its portfolio, Strategy11 is poised to revolutionize the food blogging landscape, providing a comprehensive suite of solutions to enhance recipe creation, optimize content promotion, streamline link management, and elevate the overall user experience.

Tasty Recipes is renowned for its seamless recipe management, formatting, and optimization capabilities. With Tasty Recipes, food bloggers can effortlessly create beautifully formatted recipes, enhance SEO visibility, and provide an exceptional cooking experience for their readers.

Tasty Pins assists content creators in maximizing their Pinterest presence with features such as hidden Pinterest images, Pinterest-specific descriptions, and advanced control over pinning settings. This plugin enables bloggers to optimize their content for maximum engagement and reach on one of the most influential platforms for food and lifestyle content.

Tasty Links simplifies managing and monetizing affiliate links, enabling bloggers to effortlessly insert, update, and track links within their content. With intuitive features like auto-linking, dynamic keyword matching, and comprehensive reporting, Tasty Links streamlines the affiliate marketing process and enhances revenue generation.

Tasty Roundups facilitates the creation of curated recipe collections, allowing food bloggers to showcase thematic roundups of their own or community-contributed recipes. This plugin simplifies audience engagement with visually appealing and highly shareable content, driving traffic and fostering a sense of community.

In addition to the WP Tasty products, Strategy11 is thrilled to acquire Nutrifox, an industry-leading nutrition label generator. Nutrifox equips food bloggers and recipe creators with the tools to easily generate professional and accurate nutrition labels, enhancing transparency and providing valuable information to their readers.

These acquisitions align perfectly with our mission of empowering content creators to achieve remarkable results with minimal resources. The WP Tasty products and Nutrifox are trusted and well-loved tools within the food blogging community, and we are excited to build upon their success, enhance their functionality, and deliver even more value to our customers.”

With the acquisition of WP Tasty products and Nutrifox, Strategy11 continues to solidify its position as a leader in the WordPress ecosystem, providing a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to the unique needs of food bloggers. Strategy11 remains committed to driving innovation, enhancing user experiences, and helping content creators thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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